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TAVARLIN Metabolic Sensitizer Chocolate - Dr. Coy Fine Dark Chocolate with Tagatose-Galactose, Fine Cocoa Flavonoids, Functional Dietary Fiber and Tocotrienols

Metabolic Sensitizer Chocolate is rich in natural flavonoids as well as functional dietary fibers and is made entirely without conventional sugar with the low-glycemic sugar variants tagatose and galactose. Thus, it serves as a source of energy, which does not burden the blood sugar level and supports mineralization of the teeth.

Valuable vitamin E - natural tocotrienol/tocopherol complex

smart combination of tagatose and galactose

natural flavonoids from fine cocoa

patented formula (EU patent)

country of origin Germany

functional dietary fiber

tastes really delicious ;)

gentle to teeth *

antioxidant **

100g chocolate provide 50% of the daily requirement of vitamin E and the noble cocoa content is at least 51% .

Suitable for therapy according to Dr. Coy or for pure enjoyment for children, diabetics and athletes with intelligent sugars tagatose and galactose. 

Book tip: The new anti-cancer nutrition - How you stop the cancer gene - compact edition by Dr. Johannes F. Coy


What power is in cocoa?

Cocoa contains valuable catechins, which are classified as polyphenols and flavonoids. These are secondary plant substances that serve to protect the plant and have an antioxidant effect in its metabolism. Consequently, cocoa is also often called a "super fruit". 

D-tagatose * and D-galactose with low glycemic index

D-tagatose is a low-calorie sugar variant with a particularly low glycemic index (GI=3) that has hardly any effect on blood sugar levels, yet still has an intense sweetness. EFSA (European Food Safety Authority) confirms that tagatose causes less of a rise in blood sugar than other foods containing sugar. EFSA confirms that bacteria in our oral cavity do not metabolize tagatose and, in addition, dental mineralization is promoted.


Our intestines process tagatose slowly. Here, diabetics in particular should combine the sugar alternative with D-galactose to ensure a reliable energy supply. Galactose is fructose- and lactose-free.  


The symbiosis of tagatose and galactose provides an intelligent energy supply that supports the performance of the brain, nerves and muscles. The blood sugar is only influenced to a small extent and therefore there is no strong release of insulin.


Functional dietary fibers

Special dietary fibers support natural digestion and provide a long-lasting feeling of satiety. Furthermore, they can serve as good "food" for our intestinal bacteria.


Effect of vitamin E ** (tocotrienols)

Under the name of vitamin E, various tocopherols and tocotrienols, such as alpha-, beta-, gamma- and delta-tocotrienols are bundled, which are of plant origin. The blend used covers the entire vitamin E spectrum.


Vitamin E protects our cells from oxidative stress (supporting mitochondria, reducing inflammation). TAVARLIN Dr. Coy chocolate contains natural vitamin E from a particularly valuable tocotrienol/tocopherol complex.


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This functional food does not replace a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.


*The European Food Safety Authority (Efsa) confirms in your Health Claims Regulation (EU) 2012 and Update 2017/1407 of the Commission of August 1, 2017 that the consumption of foods/beverages containing other sugars instead of sugar, such as D-tagatose:


causes blood glucose levels to rise less after their consumption than when consuming foods/beverages containing sugar.

D-tagatose should be used to replace comparable proportions of other sugars in the same proportions as specified in the Annex to Regulation (EC) No 1924/2006.


Contributes to the maintenance of tooth mineralization

For the claim to be valid, sugars in foods or beverages (which lower the pH of the dental plaque below 5.7) should be replaced by sugar substitutes, i.e. highly sweetening compounds such as D-tagatose by a combination of these substances, in such proportions that the consumption of these foods or beverages does not lower the pH of the dental plaque below 5.7 during consumption and until 30 minutes after consumption.

Ingredients: Cocoa: 51% minimum, cocoa mass, D-tagatose 25.3%, D-galactose 17.6%, cocoa butter, fiber: inulin, lactose <0.1%, emulsifier: sunflower lecithin, vitamin E *, natural bourbon vanilla flavor, May contain traces of nuts, dairy and soy, store in a cool dry place.

*natural tocotrienol/tocopherol complex

calorific value

2.093 kJ/500 kcal


34,4 g

thereof saturated fatty acids

20,9 g


45,3 g

  thereof sugar

43,3 g

thereof tagatose

25,3 g

    thereof galactose

17,6 g

Dietary fiber

13,4 g


4,7 g


0,01 g

Vitamin E (α-TE)

6 mg **

** 50 % of the daily requirement of the nutrient reference value (NRV)


Country of origin: Germany

TAVARLIN Metabolic Sensitizer Chocolate Bar

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